The Truth About Unions

Ten Advantages Of Being Union-Free

As a union-free worker, you have advantages that many unionized workers do not have.

While there is no perfect job or workplace, as many people have learned over the years, becoming shackled by a union with its associated costs and risks can put you and your company at a BIG disadvantage in a competitive marketplace.

Here are just a few advantages you enjoy as a union-free worker:

  1. No threat of being fired for refusing to pay dues
  2. No possibility of a union-called strike
  3. No risk of a union negotiating less for you than you have today
  4. No risk of having a union ignore your concerns
  5. No risk of having a union put you on trial for violating its rules
  6. No possibility of a union trial board fining you money
  7. No union bosses spending your money on political causes or candidates you may not support
  8. No possibility of a union negotiating away things you have for things it wants
  9. No union telling you that you cannot speak for yourself
  10. No union having the ability to refuse to process your issues, complaints or grievances

While these are just a few of the advantages you have as a union-free worker, you’ll find that when you add them to the loss of freedom, as well as the risks and costs associated with unions, you just can’t put a price tag on being a union-free worker.

Learn how to kick a union out of your workplace here.


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