The Truth About Unions

What Can A Union Promise Employees?

Or, what is the difference between a union promise and a union guarantee?

People often vote to unionize on the belief that, somehow, the union will solve an issue that they have—whether it’s wages, benefits, or even unfair treatment.

By law, (under NLRB precedent cases) unions can promise to fix whatever it is that employees have trouble with.

However, the reality is, unions cannot guarantee one single improvement for employees.

All a union can do is ask. It is up to the employer to decide whether it will agree to the union’s requests.

The bottom line is: Union promises are not guarantees.

Try this…
Make a list of whatever you think a union can do for you and your co-workers, then take that list to a union meeting and ask the union official in to guarantee that the union will fix (or improve) everything on your list.

If the union is being honest with you, the union officials will tell you that there are no guarantees. All the union can do is ask.

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